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What We Offer

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Academic Skills Training

Does your child have any behavioral issues or school skill deficits? We work on an individual treatment plan to address any aspect of the educational process that might be limiting our children. Our staff has extensive training of school processes, so we work to create a great transition plan. 



Is your child struggling? We can help. Another aspect of services that we provide are the options for talk therapy. This helps our team to stay trauma informed and build an appropriate treatment plan. Family counseling can also be provided. But our services typically target children, adolescent's, and young adults (0-22). 



We partner with local OT and PT's to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to wrap-around services. 


ABA Therapy

Our BCBA's strive to build interventions that work on Socially Valid behaviors. Our goal is to help as many kids as we can with Applied Behavior Analytics. If you have been denied coverage, denied a diagnosis, or have no health insurance; we try to offer a sliding scale of services. These positions will be first come first service. 



Whether your child is in need of traditional Speech or language intervention or perhaps more social communication skills? We can help with all of this. We encourage time independent to practice skills but these students are also given social group time to show what they have learned. 


Parent Training

One pride of Lemon Tree Grove is the importance placed by our team to advocate and train our parents to be more than just stakeholders, but practitioners in their child's wellness journey. 

More services coming soon...

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